3D nail stickers (elastic stripes)
Gold 1 pcs.

3D nail stickers (elastic stripes) Gold
3D nail stickers (elastic stripes) Gold
3D nail stickers (elastic stripes) Gold
2.30 € for 1 pcs.
Producer: Kodi Professional



Product Description:

Rating 4.57 (based on 7 opinions)


The self- sticking stickers make a perfect addition to your everyday manicure. In just a few seconds, with no painting skills whatsoever you can create a real masterpiece on your nails.


Usage instructions


  • Cut and unstick the sticker from the paper;
  • Apply it on the nail;
  • Cut the unnecessary parts away with manicure scissors;
  • Apply the top coat;
  • Congrats! You have made yourself a wonderful manicure!

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