40W UV and LED Lamp KODI Professional
1 pcs.

40W UV and LED Lamp KODI Professional
40W UV and LED Lamp KODI Professional
40W UV and LED Lamp KODI Professional
194.29 € for 1 pcs.
Producer: Kodi Professional



Product Description:


The 40W UV and LED lamp from KODI Professional is a lamp for curing gel polish, biogel and some types of gel.

Size: 27.7cm * 22.2cm * 7cm
Color: white
Power: 40 W
Adapter input: AC100-220V-50Hz or 60 Hz: 1.2 A
Adapter output: DC 12V - 3A
Approximate life: 10,000 hours
Timer: 10 sec. / 20 sec. / 30 sec.
Made in China

The package includes: UV Led lamp; connecting cable

Adapter instructions: Insert the plug of the connecting cable into the socket on the back of the lamp. Then insert the plug into the socket. To cure the gel polish completely, place four fingers in the lamp at the same time. Cure the manicure on the thumb separately.
To turn the lamp on, turn the switch upside down, select the desired time period (10 sec. / 20 sec. / 30 sec.) And press the ON / OFF button. The lamp is also activated by touch, with a programmed timer delay of 0.2 sec.

Note: The curing time of the gel polish may vary depending on the density of the coating.

Improper use, which may damage the lamp, will void the warranty.

Keep the lamp out of the reach of children.
Warranty: 6 months


Usage instructions


For hand use: 

  1. Select the time you require;
  2. Place the hand inside
  3. Switch the lamp off the power after operating.


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