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This website uses cookies in order to function properly. We don't use long term cookies in order to identify you you again when you will revisit the web site. Closing browser window after you have visited the website will lead to erasing the cookie of your session.

Third Party Cookies

External tools, such as Google Analytics, as well as Facebook tools are integrated in this web site. These third parties use their own cookies. Please, visit respective site origin to read its cookies policy.

Switching Cookies Off

You can disable accepting cookies by changing your browser settings. Disabling cookies will probably switch off some of the website functions.

Signing in

You can sign up (create a profile) and later sign in to the website. Being logged in you have access to extended website functionality and/or additional services. Disabling cookies will not let you sign in to the website.

Shopping Cart

The Shopping cart in this website lets you order products. Disabling cookies will also disable the shopping cart and you will not be able to place an order.

Maximum Session Life Time

The maximum session life time in the website is 2:00 hour(s).

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This website uses cookies in order to function properly. Read about cookies Got it!