Acryl-gel "Easy duo gel soft"
Clear (30 gr.) 1 pcs.

Acryl-gel "Easy duo gel soft" Clear (30 gr.)
Acryl-gel "Easy duo gel soft"
Acryl-gel "Easy duo gel soft"
Acryl-gel "Easy duo gel soft" Clear (30 gr.)
Acryl-gel "Easy duo gel soft" Clear (30 gr.)
27.61 € for 1 pcs.
Producer: Kodi Professional



Product Description:

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"Easy Duo Gel Soft" system, from KODI Professional combines the best qualities of gel and acryl into one, easy to work with, product. The formula provides strong and long-lasting results for professionals and amateurs. The paste has a putty-like viscosity, which allows you to work as fast or as long as you want. There is no use of monomer, hence no odor.

"Easy Duo Gel Soft" has a softer texture and is ideal for French manicure. The series is presented in natural shades.

It has a sticky layer.

The advantages of the acrylic "Easy Duo Gel" are:

  • The product has excellent adhesive propertiesSolid color
  • High plasticity
  • Strength and lightness of the material

Usage instructions

  • Degrease the nail surface with Nail Freshner;
  • Degrease a thin layer with the brush and let it dry in the air for 10 sec.;
  • Fix the self- adhesive nail forms;
  • Degrease thin layer Polybase;
  • Apply a drop of Easy Duo Gel Soft on the nail;
  • Dip the brush into "Slip Fluide" liquid and star modelating the necessary shape and length of the nail;
  • Cure for 120 sec. in UV lamp, or for 60 sec. in LED lamp.