Liquid monomer
100 ml

Liquid monomer
Liquid monomer
Liquid monomer
14.83 € for 100 ml
Producer: Kodi Professional



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Product Description:

Rating 3.83 (based on 6 opinions)

Contains Ethyl Methacrylate, no MMA! Its special formula guarantees long, this and healthy nails with no yellowing. Exp. date: 04/22

Sold in 2 types:

  • transparent
  • blue (for French manicure or white nail extensions)

Usage instructions


  • Fix the self- adhesive nail forms.
  • Dip the brush into "Monomer" liquid and into the powder afterwards. You should get a paste consistency on your brush.
  • Apply the paste to the middle of the nail and shape the necessary length and shape.
  • The powder does not need to be cured in the UV/LED lamp, it dries on air.

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