Acrylic powder L07
Pink-purple (4,5gr) 1 pcs.

Acrylic powder L07 Pink-purple (4,5gr)
Acrylic powder L07 Pink-purple (4,5gr)
Acrylic powder L07 Pink-purple (4,5gr)
4.60 € for 1 pcs.
Producer: Kodi Professional



Product Description:

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The brand KODI Professional produces a large variety of colorful acrylic powders for 3D designs. The powder is highly pigmented, with very fine particles, which makes it easy to work with and create highly difficult 3D designs. 


Usage instructions


For 3D decorations:

  • Dip the brush into "Monomer" liquid and into the powder afterwards. You should get a paste consistency on your brash
  • Apply the paste onto the nail and shape the necessary design.
  • The powder does not need to be cured in the UV/LED lamp, it dryies on air.​

For matte/ velour effect

  • Sprinkle the powder over the second layer of your colorful gel nail polish and cure in UV lamp- 2 min./ LED lamp-30 sec.
  • Brush off the remainants of acrylic powder