Electric Drill TP291
1 pcs.

Electric Drill TP291
Electric Drill TP291
Electric Drill TP291
Electric Drill TP291
Electric Drill TP291
Electric Drill TP291
99.70 € for 1 pcs.
Producer: China



Product Description:

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The portable cordless nail drill TP291 has a low level of vibrations and overload protection.


Max speed: up to 30,000 rpm
Portable light weight, easy to carry
Power: 36W

Full charching time: 2,5 hrs

Non-stop working time: 8 hrs

Direction of rotation of the nozzles: forward / backward

Voltage: AC 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz;
Dimensions: 265x135x63 mm

The set includes electirc nozzles
Warranty: 6 months

Warranty for the power supply: 2 years



1. Motor Connector;

2. Forward/Reverse selector;

3. ON/OFF and speed control knob;

4. Big LCD display of speed, battary volume;

5. Power supply connector;

6. Handpiece cup;

7. Hook;


Usage instructions



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