Gel nail polish №5D-1
7 ml

Gel nail polish №5D-1
Gel nail polish №5D-1
Gel nail polish №5D-1
9.20 € for 7 ml
Producer: Kodi Professional



Product Description:

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The Moonlight 5D Collection by KODI PROFESSIONAL is a collection of high quality gel polishes!

Nail polishes from collection "Moonlight" contain special metal particles which concentrate in a line, or spot under the effect of the magnet. The effect will not fade away until the nail polish is removed.

Texture: enamel

Please note! The magnet is being sold separately. You can find it here.

Usage instructions


Our technologist recommends to clean well the nail surface before the manicure. After that:

  1. Apply Ultrabond and a thin layer of Rubber base KODI; cure in UV lamp- 2 min/ LED lamp- 30 sec.
  2. Apply the nail polish and cure in UV lamp- 2 min./ LED lamp- 30 sec.
  3. Approach the magnet to the place where you would like to have the cat- eye effect.
  4. Apply second/ third layer of nail polish for a more intense colour with further application of the magnet.
  5. Apply Top coat KODI
  6. Wipe off the sticky layer with the Cleanser

​!Little advise: For a more intense effect, apply first layer of black color (KODI #76) and after that the "Moonlight" nail polish.