Marble drops М11
5 ml

Marble drops М11
Marble drops М11
Marble drops М11
3.32 € for 5 ml
Producer: Kodi Professional



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Product Description:

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KODI PROFESSIONAL presents a unique solution to achieve marble imitation on the nail plate! Marble drops are a sensational and easy way to achieve a smoke effect




Usage instructions


  1. Apply Ultrabond and a thin layer of Rubber base KODI; cure in UV lamp- 2 min/ LED lamp- 30 sec.
  2. Apply the nail polish and cure in UV lamp- 2 min./ LED lamp- 30 sec.

Choose one of the next steps depending on the design you want:

Apply a marble drop and using a brush with nail fresher, make the desirable design.


Apply no sticky top coat / rubber coat  and don't cure it; Apply a marble drop. It will look like a dandelion.Cure in UV lamp- 2 min./ LED lamp- 30 sec.