Quartz sterilizer for instruments
75W 1 pcs.

Quartz sterilizer for instruments 75W
Quartz sterilizer for instruments 75W
Quartz sterilizer for instruments 75W
53.69 € for 1 pcs.
Producer: Kodi Professional



Product Description:


The quartz sterilizer for instruments is a specially designed device 
 for disinfection used by beauty industry professionals. This sterilizer allows you quickly to clean and disinfect the work surface of the cosmetic instruments. The compact size and ease of operations make the sterilizer the best choice for small and medium metal tools. Designed for professional and home use. 
The sterilization is done by high-temperature processing - the inner heat-resistant container of the device is filled with small quartz balls that are easily heated to a temperature of 180-200 degrees.
The kit includes quartz balls.

Heating time (maximum): 30 minutes
Processing time: 10-30 seconds
Temperature (maximum): 180-200 degrees
Power: 75 W
Size: 16x16x18 cm
Body material - metal
Color: white
Warranty: 3 months


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