Pedicure softener liquid
70 ml

Pedicure softener liquid
Pedicure softener liquid
Pedicure softener liquid
9.71 € for 70 ml
Producer: Kodi Professional



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Product Description:

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The pedicure liquid is designed to soften the stratum corneum of the skin of the feet before its subsequent treatment for hygienic purposes. It is used at the preparatory stage in the pedicure procedure.
The product contains a special complex of substances that provides a soft but effective result. Thanks to the combination of 20% urea and 5% lactic acid, the product quickly and effectively softens calluses, dead skin and keratinized skin without causing discomfort.

Regular use of pedicure fluid prevents the re-formation of problem areas and cracks. The product does not contain alkalis, can be used for customers with sensitive skin.


Usage instructions


Spray directly on the foot and toes without first soaking in water. Wait 1-2 minutes and continue with the pedicure as desired. If desired, wipe the feet with a warm damp tower at the end of the procedure.

Does not require washing.